My Domain Portfolio is Empty. Noughtfolio?

New readers to the blog: Welcome! Please read What is this Blog About. It explains how I am an experienced ccTLD domainer, but completely new to .com domain investing. You may also like to read about My Domain Investing Journey So Far.

Thanks for all the support of my recent interview on DomainSherpa. It was a fun experience!

And if you read my previous post you’ll know that I already flipped my very first .com domain investment to an end user in my first 7 weeks. $100 > $1250 for a profit of $1150.

The domain has now been transferred to the new owner. However, this sale now leaves me in a funny position – I have NO .com domains in my portfolio. It is a Noughtfolio…

There are so many Domain Investing Strategies with .com!

I am currently researching all the different Domain Strategies and niches I can find. In my local domain market of New Zealand, there is basically only one strategy for domain investment.

Your only real option is to buy one word commercial terms (or the very best two words) and set up a landing page. There is no wholesale market, no aftermarket, renewals are high at $15, demand is low, and there is limited upside in sale prices in such a small market/country.


But with .com, I am spoiled for choice when it comes to strategies. There are so different ways to proposer as a domain investor. There are so many niches and you always have the wholesale market to sell domains into if you want to change strategies.

My Current Domain Investment Strategy

I will be publishing The ULTIMATE List of Domain Investing Strategies in an upcoming post. However for now I am going to keep doing what worked for the first domain.

1. Buy on GoDaddy Auctions

2. Pick Names that businesses would want to actually name their business or re-brand to.

No tempting domains that ‘sound good’ but are not actually desired by end user businesses.

3. Use Efty for the landing page

The only change I am going to make to what worked before, is I am going to list the domain on the major marketplaces GoDaddy/Afternic, and Sedo. I didn’t even get to this point with my first domain.

So this is all very simple I know! But this worked for my first sale, so I will stick with this strategy until I publish my big list of domain investment strategies list very soon.

I do need to start incorporating into my daily routine. However with hundreds of thousands of domains dropping each day, I am going to need to work out some filters to wade through all the noise.

This .com domain journey restarts again! I hope to have some new .com purchases to report soon…

What is your favourite niche, or current domain hunting routine? Feel free to leave a comment, or any suggestions below!


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