My Domain Portfolio…REVEALED

New readers to the blog: Welcome! Please read What is this Blog About. It explains how I am an experienced ccTLD domainer, but completely new to .com domain investing. You may also like to read about My Domain Investing Journey So Far.


I’d like to thank everyone for their support of the NZDomainer blog so far. It is always nice to receive email feedback, blog comments, shares, and interaction on Twitter. It has been super encouraging as a new website, to see new people discover and read the posts. It is fuel to continue on this journey of documenting my entry to the .com market.

I am still currently in the research phase, as I study the market and the different strategies out there. I am not rushing out trying to fill my .com portfolio with junk – there will be no 2am hand registering sprees here! I am researching .com niches to see what fits my experience, budget and ROI time line.

I do enjoy the NZ domain market but there is a lot of waiting involved. There is no wholesale market whatsoever. No domain brokers. No one bothers with numerics, except for single numbers, which are obviously super rare.

But with .com there are dozens of ways to attack the domain industry: Brandables, Generics, Numerics and every niche off of those. Wholesaling, Brokering etc. I see so much opportunity!


What Kind of Local Domains do I own as a New Zealand Domainer?

I have had a couple of people curious as to my domain experience in the New Zealand market. So I thought I would list a few domains that I own, which may speak a little to my domain tastes.

Some favourites from my portfolio are:

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I wanted to showcase a little of my domain journey to date. These domains have been acquired over many years and YES, I wish I all of these were in .com! Anyone keen on exact .com swaps let me know!

I have also had some readers reach out to me about the possibilities of selling .coms into the New Zealand market. Unfortunately New Zealand businesses are not big on .com. NZ businesses only use

New Zealand Businesses Don’t Use .Com

As we are so far away from most major trading markets, NZ businesses tend to only sell within New Zealand, so we have no use for .com. A .com implies a business would sell globally, and very few NZ businesses sell globally.

The one exception would be in the accommodation industry. As these kind of businesses are trying to attract foreign visitors, some do use .com. But outside of the accommodation sector, 99.9% of NZ businesses use

So apologies, there isn’t some big untapped market down here for .com domains. I can’t tell you the last time I saw a .com in the wild here, on a billboard, vehicle or sign. I literally cannot remember one. But all day.

There is a good reason I am setting my domaining sights outside of New Zealand. The domain market here is tiny, and not enough to make a full time living on. We only have 4 million people here, which is the population of Los Angeles as one country.

But I am really enjoying focussing more on .com and all discovering all the resale opportunities that just don’t exist in my market! I will be starting to share my research process in .com as a newbie / old hand, here in future posts. Watch this space!


Between posts, I am active on Twitter! Please tweet or follow @NZDomainer

Do you own any localized domain names other than com, net or org?

How do you find sales in local or Country Code domain extensions?


2 thoughts on “My Domain Portfolio…REVEALED

  1. Great domain names!

    I’ve been thinking about doing 301 affiliate redirects like you’ve done with Does it take high traffic domains to make any money? What’s your overall experience with these kind of redirects?


  2. Hey Tomas! Yeah you need a really high traffic domain to make zero click affiliate links work. I have a car related domain that gets heaps of traffic and I send it to a car rental site. I get a check every 3 months or so. Type ins per day you probably want at a minimum 20. You also have to be careful of the niche. Some high traffic domains I have don’t seem to convert. You just have to test. I don’t buy domains any more for this strategy, favouring sales.


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