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Hey I’m Adrian, an entrepreneur and part time domainer from New Zealand. I specialise in our local ccTLD extension of I have been investing in NZ domains part time since around 2014. And more seriously since 2016.

You can read about my full domain journey here

I have learned how the domain market works in New Zealand, and had some good success. However there is just not enough expiring domain inventory / population / demand locally to make a full time income from it. So I want to branch out into new markets.


I have always stayed out of .com, due to the market being more familiar to me. Also, with many other businesses to manage it was easier to focus on one niche (local NZ Domains) rather than the massive world of .com domain investing.

But now I want to branch out to .com. I would love to make an equivalent full time income from domaining. But I believe it just cant be done with New Zealand domains due to the small size of the market.


So I am going to be documenting my journey from newbie to success in .com.

Now, I am not a complete newbie domainer. While it has taken years, I have learned what makes a good domain name/brand. Well, a good, one word, resellable domain. But I want to try my skills at .com.

I know the .com market is VERY different from the market due to its size and liquidity. I will be a total .com newbie. I usually specialise in one word domains. However I don’t have the budget to be buying one word .com domains (just yet ;).

So I will be starting “from scratch” at the bottom end of the .com market. After listening to every Domain Sherpa show, and reading every Rick Schwartz Blog post, I believe I know a bit about what makes a good .com.

But lets see it in action!

I am going to be documenting my .com journey from zero. I will be sharing my tactics, successes and failures. Please follow along here, and on Twitter.

My Twitter is @NZDomainer

Adrian – NZ Domainer

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