NZDomainer Interviewed on the Domain Sherpa Show!

New readers to the blog: Welcome! Please read What is this Blog About. It explains how I am an experienced ccTLD domainer, but completely new to .com domain investing. You may also like to read about My Domain Investing Journey So Far.

NZ Domainer Face to Face Interview!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I was recently interviewed on the Domain Sherpa Show!

As readers will know, I have been a fan of the show for many years. I have watched/listened to every single show (that’s over 400!). I have learned a great deal of my domaining knowledge from the show. To be invited and featured on the show to share my story was a great honor!


WATCH: “Category Killer ccTLD Acquisition to 7 Figure Business in 2 1/2 Years”

In the interview I share a lot about my journey to date, as an entrepreneur. I also talk about how domain names have played a role in my ventures, how I started as a local ccTLD domainer, and my future plans with domains.

What is the Interview About?

The interview features the story of my business journey of buying a category-killer Exact Match Domain, and building a 7 Figure business on it with my fiancee.

I also discuss my domain investing journey so far. I haven’t had million dollar domain sales, but I have an unique story of how I first got into domains, and how I have invested in domains so far.


The interview is also an introduction to the NZDomainer blog, and my passion for domaining. I am essentially at my halfway point in my domain journey. I’ve been successful in one domain niche ( domains).

However, with a population of only 4 million people, the opportunities for domain investing in New Zealand are limited. I feel I have gone as far as I can go with domain investing in this small market.

But now that I know how to build a valuable domain portfolio, I have big plans to transition my domaining skills to enter the .com market. However I am a complete newbie to .com investing, so watch this space/blog!

The point of this blog is to share my journey as a new .com domainer, as I build up my portfolio. I hope to share my successes and failures along the way.

I Hope You Like The Show!

I was super nervous to be interviewed, but it was actually really fun. I have been inspired by so many guests on the show over the year. So I hope my journey in business and domaining so far, might be inspiring to Domain Sherpa viewers.

In the interview we also discuss the Paper Trading Domains technique I have been using to start teaching myself about .com domain valuations. But before I give too much of the interview away, I will leave you to watch the show on the Domain Sherpa site!

Watch The Domain Sherpa Show Here

My thanks to the Domain Sherpa team and especially to Tess Diaz, the Domain Sherpa host. She did an amazing job interviewing someone who has never spoken on camera before! Thanks also to Michael Cyger, the original founder of the show. As a consequence of avoiding network television for years, Domain Sherpa has been my number one watched regular show!

I am honored to be featured, and hope you enjoy my interview.

Feel free to make any comments, or ask any questions below.


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